A movie analysis of muriels wedding

Dianna, who saw Betty put on the shoes, follows Betty around the store and to the cashier.

A movie analysis of muriels wedding

She also is a perpetual daydreamer who yearns for a glamorous wedding to a man who will help get her out of the dead-end seaside tourist town of Porpoise Spit, improve her personal life, and free her from her domineering father, Bill Bill Huntera corrupt politician who verbally lashes out at his subservient and depressed wife, Betty, and their unambitious children at every opportunity.

The audience is given plenty of opportunity to see exactly how she has changed. When Mariel excitedly agrees to marry handsome young swimmer Peter Von Arckle Daniel Lapaine so he can remain the country, Rhonda, now riddled with cancer, becomes concerned for her deluded friend.

Dianna witnessed Muriel stealing the dress at a store before the wedding.

Muriel’s Wedding (1994) Film Study

Realising that Betty lived only for her family and that her constant marginalisation broke Betty's will to live, Muriel breaks down and realises that all the frauds, falsehoods and lies only lead to pain.

While on the Island, Muriel's former friends confront her over her stalking, requesting that she leave them alone.

Bill arranges with the police for the charges to disappear and takes Muriel's mother home where he announces his intention to divorce Betty and marry his mistress, Deidre Chambers.

Through much trial and error Muriel comes to terms with who she is what it really means to be accepted, but most of all accept herself. Muriel attends the wedding of Tania and Chook.

In the car Betty pleads with Bill that her actions were not intentional and that she needs help. Muriel enters into a criminal conspiracy to commit visa fraud marrying South African swimmer David Van Arkle so that he can stay in Australia.

David comforts Muriel and they consummate their marriage. Relying on the magic storytelling number of three, the sister says this three times over the course of the film. Click here to see the rest of this review Soon Muriel meets a new friend who encourages her to change her life and move to the Sydney.

Rhonda's tumour returns necessitating more severe surgery making her paralysis permanent. Muriel attends the wedding of one her high school associates in an inappropriate leopard print dress. Muriel's chain-smoking, unambitious, slovenly family is routinely abused and vilified by their father - the corrupt local politician Bill Heslop Bill Hunter.

Muriel realises that what she wants in life is to live in Sydney with her best friend and make her own life so she pays her father back some of the money she stole and takes off. It is unclear where they got their elaborate costumes. Rhonda accepts and tells off the other girls once again.

Ostracized by her more socially adept friends, Muriel runs into fellow outcast Rhonda Epinstalk (Rachel Griffiths), and the two move from their small Australian town to the big city of Sydney, where Muriel changes her name and begins the arduous task of redesigning her life to match her fantasies.

Muriel's Wedding is an Australian comedy drama romance from The film provides a great case study of story structure.

Muriel's Wedding is a Australian comedy-drama film written and directed by P. J. Hogan. The film, which stars actors Toni Collette, Rachel Griffiths, Jeanie Drynan, Sophie Lee, and Bill Hunter, focuses on the socially awkward Muriel whose ambition is to have a glamorous wedding and improve her personal life by moving from her dead end.

Muriel's Wedding Movie Review Summary

Muriel's Wedding Opening Scene Analysis Techniques Desperate Women Peer Pressure Bouquet -Opening Shot Techniques used - Low Angle Shot - Non-Diegetic Sound and music - Cross-Cutting to the faces of desperate women - tracking shot (with the bouquet) Techniques used - High Angle Shot - Diegetic Sound of screaming.

Muriel begins the film as an overweight loser from Queensland, a woman trapped by a dysfunctional family, an apathetic neighbourhood, and a clique of beautiful “best friends.” The movie opens with a shot of a beautiful friend’s wedding, where one of the clique.

Mar 17,  · "Muriel's Wedding" has a lot of big and little laughs in it, but also a melancholy undercurrent, which reveals itself toward the end of the film in a series of surprises and unexpected developments. The arc of its story involves Muriel's discovery of herself, and a developing faith that she can have a good time, make friends, and be valued/5.

A movie analysis of muriels wedding
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