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It grows on me every time I watch it now. Another wonderful screwball comedy from Sturges. After trying his luck on the grander Hollywood stage for a few years, comedian Joel Hodgson moved back to Minneapolis with the idea of launching his own television show. Val Kilmer is fabulous in his first movie.

Five Favorite Films

There are few movies that look better than this one to this day. It is also the movie on my list I get the most criticism for. Bob De Niro's not a bad addition either. Heath Ledger gives the second greatest performance ever, and really makes you fear the Joker.

Respects the intelligence of the viewer to get the jokes. I was really happy doing it, and I realized that I'd turn into Jerry Lewis or something if I started to kind of hate it.

The Favourite (Movie 2018)

In it, Murphy shares the story about meeting his literary hero, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Throughout the year, the group also presents several RiffTrax Live performances at cinemas around the country.

Along with North by Northwest, as entertaining as movies get. It's on the list. A very good movie with absolutely no likeable characters. Every actor is really amazing. Seemingly a lost art. Goodfellas Directed by Martin Scorsese Okay, stop giving me crap.

Listening to Freeman's narration is worth the price of admission. The cyclical story telling is masterful. Spielberg transports you to the battlefields of World War II unlike any movie has ever done before.

A movie that's funny over and over again. Sunset Boulevard Directed by Billy Wilder Eerie story of man moving to Hollywood and ending up dead in the swimming pool instead of the secretarial pool.

Viewers put pen to paper and began a massive letter-writing campaign to save the series. A movie that doesn't choose to lean toward hatred when discussing relationships.

Andy Serkis, who plays Gollum, went through hell to play the role, and he achieved it brilliantly. In a interview with The A.

The Favorite Movies of 30 Famous People

Rather than drive them to the brink of insanity, Joel and the robot friends he built while orbiting Earth—Tom Servo, Crow T. The chase scene is as funny a scene as we've had. It is a movie that is touching, thrilling, but most of all it is a harsh reminder of how horrible war really is. As imitated as any movie there is.

Hitchcock shines a light on his own obsessions.

The Favourite Movie

Great setpieces and Cary Grant at his best. Ina new generation of fans were introduced to Mystery Science Theater when—after a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the series back—Netflix debuted Mystery Science Theater Vonnegut was not impressed, telling Murphy that every artist deserves respect, even those who produce a bad movie.

Bette Davis is absolutely wonderful as the stage star who is being moved aside for a younger star. Scott gives the greatest performance of all time as Patton. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman are magnificent in a story about hope and love and the things that get in the way.

My favourite film

The film that comes closest to exploring the mysteries of life and death Boogie Nights Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson Does anybody realize yet how great this movie is?.

Sep 29,  · The Favourite in US theaters November 23, starring Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, Nicholas Hoult, Joe Alwyn. At the center of the story is the Queen herself (Olivia Colman), whose relationship with her confidante, adviser and clandestine lover SarahActors: Mark Gatiss.

This movie is my favorite movie ever, because for the rest of my life, I will always be reminded of what those men did in WWII, because of how graphic and moving this movie is. 2. The Dark Knight- A movie that achieves perfection in every way. When Katie Couric asked then-presidential-candidate Barack Obama what his favorite movie is, he replied, "Oh, I think it would have to be The Godfather.

One and Two. One and Two. Three not so much.

My Top 10 Favorite Movies (in Every Genre)

I love movies. I'm literally counting down the hours until Captain America: Civil War (there's only 40 hours left, as of posting this!). And since summer of the season of blockbusters, I thought it would be fun to share my top. The Hollywood Reporter's latest survey of nearly 1, working entertainment industry insiders rank Hollywood's 25 favorite villains.

Five Favorite Films. Filmmakers and stars talk about their all-time favorite movies.

Favourite movie
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