First year experience

First-Year Experience

This course is required for all first year students. Connect with Your Community Discover others who share your passion for the health sciences, your commitment to social justice or just your commute back home. Why should you attend First-Year Student Orientation. College is not new to you, but SLU may be.

Video Center There is so much happening at Cedar Crest College, and our students are at the center of it all. Your First-Year Student Orientation requirement can be fulfilled either by attending a face-to-face presentation. Residence Life Wondering where you'll live and learn your first year. Starting November 1st, 2.

The FYS provides students with the opportunity to explore important issues, gather and evaluate evidence, and further develop their ideas through writing and discussion.

Promoting Student Success

Please call the First Year Experience Office at or CCC Exploring Your Future Exploring Your Future is a First-Year Experience course designed to help students develop an understanding of the career decision-making process, and to assist students with choosing a major and putting their career plans into action.

Research shows that students who participate in First-Year Student Orientation programs generally perform better academically than those who do not attend. Are you planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. The First Year Experience program is designed to help you be successful in your first year of college life by providing a supportive, caring environment of educational and career services.

We encourage you to participate in the variety of courses, programs and activities provided through our office. Orientation events are designed to make those first days at SLU both fun, interesting and useful for your college transition. UC Academic Computing UC introduces students to on-line resources at Ohio University, including Blackboard, e-mail, online catalog, e-mail, financial aid and scholarship sites, and various academic websites.

Identify meaningful connections they have made with faculty, staff, and peers. As a new student, at times you may feel overwhelmed or lost until you become familiar with the campus. Starting with move-in and continuing through your first weeks on campus, fun Fall Welcome events help introduce freshmen and new transfer students to each other and to SLU.

This course is designed to emphasize the skills and knowledge that you will need to succeed in your transition to collegiate life. Reserve a spot in a day or time most convenient to you, or by completing the Online Orientation course.

FYE provides you with the resources and support to overcome these barriers to success. Such programs include Koru mindfulness programs, yoga and meditation, and Take 5 Zones located around campus. The First Year Experience Program offers. The MSJC First Year Experience (FYE) Program is designed to make sure you have a smooth transition into college life.

We’ll provide you with extra support during your first two semesters so you can successfully complete your basic skills coursework and transferable college.

About the First-Year Experience. At Skidmore, we believe in the transformative power of liberal education—more precisely, in the power of an educational experience that combines curricular and co-curricular opportunities to liberate the mind and nurture the soul.

announcements. National Resource Center announces - Paul P. Fidler Research Grant Recipient The National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition named Will Sheppard, PhD and Brandy Bryson, PhD as recipients of. The First Year Experience program is designed for American Indian students seeking to establish campus connections, create life-long friendships, and create a support system to facilitate the transition from high school to college, and enhance their overall academic experience.

You need credit hours to graduate from Arizona State University, and the courses you pick for your first semester form the path to success.

Your academic advisor will help you pick the right courses so you stay on track for the rest of your college experience. The First Year Experience provides them with additional skills, support and mentorship during that critical period of transition.

As part of the First Year Experience, students will take part in First Year Seminar and the challenging and rewarding UNIV course.

First year experience
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First Year Experience