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I thought that the woman was his wife, and so the murder never happened. Without him speaking, you can show his mind at work. Both characters get hooked on looking at the daily happenings of their neighborhood and end up discovering a murderer that lives among them.

Mulvey also discusses in her article "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" that because the male viewer sees the female as a castrated woman in psychoanalytic termsthey male must think of her as a fetish. Thorwald out of our own selfish desire for excitement.

One interesting difference about both films is that in Rear Window, Jeff looks out of only one place in his apartment whereas Kale, in Distubia goes all over the house the voyeur on his neighbors.

Kale Brecht due to a mishap gets 3 months sentenced to house arrest. What I think is being shown here, seems to be one of the absolutely central themes of all Hitchcock's work. What people ought to do is get outside of their own house and look in for a change.

To overcome the limitations of an incapacitated protagonist Hitchcock gives the camera human qualities, making it view things Jefferies cannot, and revealing hints on character and plot details. The non-diagetic music is also very upbeat and not like most thriller movies which usually starts with a more dark and minor keyed tone.

The man both holds control of the action, and of the gaze character and spectator: It goes right through the American films. Turner had more dialogue involved, whereas Thornwall talked only twice.

Hitchcock's view of romantic love is extremely sceptical, to say the least. Moreover, the woman is often the object of investigation as in most films noir. In the movie, we were the audience of Thorwald and everyone else. The film was even remade as a TV movie, featuring a wheelchair-bound Christopher Reeve.

Him being a photographer that travels the world and Lisa being an upper-class rich girl dress designer; he thinks the smart thing to do would be to break it off.

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Lisa's appearance in Rear Window by Paul M The shot opens with Jeff slouched over in his wheelchair, face partially obscured by darkness.

Rear Window Analysis

The murder occurs in a closed community with a limited number of incongruent suspects. Most filmmakers would have been so thrilled to have merely come up with this murder mystery premise that they would have stopped there. That all comes to a head, of course, in what I see as the crucial scene of the film, from this point of view anyway.

It is a commonplace to say that Rear Window deals with curiosity and the need to pry into the lives of others. In Jeffreys' apartment, he is shown napping and Lisa is on the bed in non-couture clothing, reading a book on the Himalayas and after she looks up briefly at Jeffreys, she takes out "Bazaar" magazine, to show how she still is into the fashion.

She arrives dressed in a beautifully, ornate dress, with not a hair out of place, while Jeff is in his pajamas. This essay will try to give an overview of two interpretations of Rear Window, both of which focus on the gaze and voyeurism of the movie, and both of which can be situated to a greater or lesser extent within a psychoanalytic context.

Thorwald killed his wife. Even though I agree with the critics, I still think these movies could make an interesting comparison. This shows very clearly as we can see beyond the apartment building; a thriving city.

As much as I love Rear Window, Disturbia is more of a modern take on the genre. On television, it seems every sitcom has a devoted an episode to the film. This of course aptly describes Jeff in Rear Window.

Hitchcock wastes no time in introducing us to this brilliant concept, showing us this rear window frame during the opening credits. In the opening scene, we are guided through a series of scenes. By not showing the entire body, it takes away the fear of power and wholeness in a woman. You might also be interested in the transcript of the documentary Rear Window Ethics.

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At one point, Lt. Modleski also points out that Lisa visually dominates Jeff for much of the film, because she stands over his wheelchair. What the film eventually moves to at the end, is a kind of resolution of the Jefferies-Lisa relationship. Each person is in his or her own little prison.

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"Rear Window" () is the first of the current package of Hitchcock re-releases.

Rear Window

It hasn't been seen anywhere in the world (legally, at least) in more than 10 years, because Hitchcock pulled it off the market to increase its eventual value to his estate. Alfred Hitchcock was a master of mise-en-scène, whereby in film just about every inch of every frame of a film was intentional.

Rear Window is one of his greatest and most influential films. From Rear Window, both of the narrators (i.e. Hitchcock and Jeff) reflects Jeff psychological conditions such as anxiety because of career and marriage from the neighbor’s life through the cinematic technology such.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec This paper will attempt to explain the Auteur Theory, in relations to esteemed Hollywood film director Alfred Hitchcock. I will discuss works such as The 39 Steps, Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds and Rear Window and outline the ideas held by the theory.

Rear window movie essay
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